Friday 2 March 2012


My luck was in. It was written in the stars.

I won the Love All Blogs book giveaway from Harpers Collins!
And luck comes in three's doesn't it. So I bought a lottery ticket. No, I bought 2 lottery tickets. And didn't win.


But the children are very happy. They didn't even have to part with their precious World Book Day Book Token to get the books. And they didn't even get one book each. There were two books each. That's SIX books!

See, I told you it was book-tastic.

Nose in a book

One of the books is Hello Kitty My First Cookery Book and the Princess snatched it before anyone else got a look in. I had a flick through looking for the recipe where she was going to cook me a full roast dinner. Sadly it was not there, but there are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cakes so my hopes are still up there.

The Big One found The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man by Michael Chabon so he is happy. Great illustrations too.

And the Wee One doesn't know it yet but he is getting Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers read to him at bedtime tonight. Lucky boy

Also in the prize were The Lorax by Dr Seuss, Lulu and The Best Cake Ever by Emma Chichester Clark and Paddington Goes For Gold by Michael Bond. A pretty fantastic prize I think you will agree.

So a mahoosive thank you to Love All Blogs who are the epicentre of blogging awesomeness and Harper Collins who are bloomin' generous.

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