Monday 26 March 2012

This is NOT Snap Slappers

Nope this isn't the place where photos turn into tweenage girls trying make up for the first time and have eyeshadow all over their eyes, literally all over, in a lovely shade of blue and lipstick applied straight from the stick, liberally and mascara accidentally pocked into the eye thus creating tears to wash away excess blusher in pretty pink streaks.
No self respecting photo should have to go through that.
Shouldn't be allowed.

But it is a giggle isn't it?

I love tweaking and twiddling and fiddling those photos into submission and I have loved seeing the effects and techniques you have used over the last 20 weeks. But I think it is time for a little rest. I think you must all have been picnik'd out because there were only a few hardcore picnikers here last week and I know when a Snap can be Slapped no more.

So no Snap Slappers this week. Don't worry, it will be back when batteries have been recharged and when I think your creative picniking juices are flowing freely again.

Instead here is a little montage of my Slapped Snaps, all to 'help' you make a decision on who to VOTE for in the Snaps category of the BiBs. Have I mentioned I have been shortlisted?

If you have been super organised and Slapped a Snap then go ahead and use the badge, let me know and I'll add a link here.

Happy snapping everyone :)

Five Go Blogging Snap Slappers


  1. Now I feel bad as I am guilty of falling off the slapper wagon :( x

  2. I had a good idea for this week, but never mind- it'll keep ;) Just gives you a reason to come back!! xx

  3. *Puts feet up on sofa, grabs a cuppa*

    Has it really been 20 weeks?! That has gone fast! Look forward to slapping again soon.

    *Gulps last dregs of tea, gets butt off sofa*

    I can't use Snap Slappers to procrastinate from doing other things today now ;-)

  4. Ah I remembered to find out the theme

  5. I have a snap for today but can link up next week or when it's back on. Let me know.
    Links are hard work aren't they?

  6. I will miss them - come back soon :) I'm sure I'll still be snap slapping anyway in other guises!!


Oooh, I do like a good comment :-)