Tuesday 6 March 2012

Spring Snap Slappers

It's March so that qualifies as Spring doesn't it? Okay, it snowed on Sunday and I am making a scarf but it is still Spring.

The garden is going to take a lot of convincing to magic something, anything, springlike so we thought we would bring spring inside and have our own little bit of green on the windowsill.

I'm bigging this up but I am of course, referring to Mr Grasshead.

Mr Grasshead

Except there is no sign of any grass yet. The label says water daily and within 2 days you will see the first shoots. Designed for kids, even 2 days is pushing their patience and imagine how disappointed they are that 4 days later there is still no grass. Not one blade of greenery is showing.

Taking matters into my own hands I have helped nature along a bit to cheer up the brood and keep their interest going a bit longer before I cheat and buy a few square inches of astro turf and staple it to his head.

Mr Grasshead with Grass

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  1. Love the grasshead! We had one last year and the 3yo loved trimming his hair and seeing him grow!
    Like your inventive quick solution tho!

  2. Am I being thick - what is the 'grasshead' thing for? It just grows grass? Is it 'special' grass? I like yours MUCH better ;)

  3. Oh he has a lot to live up to now to be as handsome as you've made him. Your children are going to very disappointed if he doesn't look like this :-)

  4. Good strategy. I may have to do the same. I'm such a hopeless gardener.

    Have linked up an edited silent sunday - I couldn't say what I edited because it was silent sunday and Mammasaurus might shout at me. But I think it was boost and holga-ish. I'm going to so miss picnik when it;s gone. There are some good alternatives but none that do everything I want. I spent an hour yesterday editing a photo of the girls which had one of the twins with her finger up her nose. I might have to blog about that for snap slappers next week.

  5. Wish I'd have thought to have done that with my strawberries last year.

  6. Fab! Hope his hair has started growing for real now!


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