Monday 19 March 2012

Snap Slappers Wink Wink

We've had some good weather recently. Good enough to get out to the garden and tackle the undergrowth.

I was actually embarrassed today when my Mother-in-law/green-fingered-gift-to-gardens came over and had a wander round our garden with the Wee One.

She is polite and tactful enough to only comment on the green stuff that is growing in the shape of what may be recognised as a plant rather than a weed. Having said that, a weed is only a plant that is growing in the wrong place, so I like to feel that my garden is a refuge for all plant life and no healthy plant will be dug up or weedol'd unneccessarily.

After our forray to Wales a few weeks ago we returned to sunny Lincolnshire with a sack full of stones from the lovely beaches that we found, stones that would one day be painted, and adorn our windowsills. Or not. In fact they found their way into the garden to create a 'feature' pile of stones in a derelect corner of the herb garden.

On their journey they meandered onto the scrubland that was once a lawn and I swear they winked at me.

creating a gif
"'Ello darlin'" courtesy of Picasion

They may also have wolf whistled or was that my post lunch imagination?

Who has been playing with photo editing this week?
Snap Slappers (Anonymous) is in session!

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  1. oooh that's a bit clever - scampers off to look at picasion!!

  2. Am I being blind - but where's the linky? I was going to link up my highly snap slappered Gallery post to you too? x


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