Tuesday 13 March 2012

Snap Slappers Crufts Edition

I am a dog lover. Therefore I should love Crufts.
Actually I am not a fan. Most breeds just look plain weird. Take this one for example.

credit: http://www.yummitube.com/photos?id=147
No I didn't create this but I would have if I had thought of it first! Of course my version wouldn't have looked anything like this. Probably closer to a 1000 piece jigsaw after the Wee One had chucked it out of the box, walked all over it and then fed a few pieces through the letterbox.

I don't like dogs that are any shorter than my knees, that have a yappy bark or can't see through their fur. It's just a matter of personal taste but I will always fall for the mongrel, the daft dog with the wonky ears that jumps up to lick your face. So Crufts isn't really my thing, apart from when they do working dog demonstrations and I am proved right that dogs are cleverer than most people.

Take Misty Moo for example.

I'm sure they could be trained to do anything, like an international spy for instance.

See I knew I was right.

Although a lot of the lovely bloggers who join in with Snap Slappers often follow my lead and stick with my theme for the week, there really are no rules about what you decide to tickle with the photo editing brush.
Just thought I would mention it!

So have you been slapping those effects on or just giving your photos a light tickle?
Join in and welcome to the more is definitely more school of photo editing!

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  1. I am a bit slow and didn't realise there was a theme - I shall try and do the theme next week.

  2. Haha - the stripy doggy is just weird - love what you've done with Misty Moo's shadow. I'm off to to see if I can do a snap slapper on picmonkey.
    With you on the dog front too - Heinz 57 variety usually much better than the pedigree things and also not keen on small yappy ones!

  3. Oh I love Misty's shadow sister! And is that a stunning new banner you have there? Loving that!

  4. You are a nutter! But a bloody funny one!


Oooh, I do like a good comment :-)