Saturday 17 March 2012

Mother's Day My Way

I love Mum

Mother's Day tomorrow and I am having wistful thoughts about what a perfect day would look like:

8.00    Gently waken to the song of birdsong, the sound of a tea spoon in a china cup of of  Earl Grey Tea and the aroma of bacon grilling.
8.15    Breakfast arrives on a tray, with flowers freshly picked from our cottage garden.
8.45    Laptop, papers and coffee
10.00  A country walk, in the spring sunshine en famille with Misty Moo
11.30  More papers,  laptop and coffee. Perhaps a slice of fruit loaf toasted with a knob of butter
1.00    Luncheon of roast beef, yorkshires, cauliflower cheese, and rhubarb crumble and custard for pudding
3.00    Snooze on the sofa
4.00    Play with children
4.05    Resume snooze
5.00    Tea with cucumber sandwiches, pastries and scones.
7.00    Children retire
8.00    The Help on DVD.
10.00  I retire to my feather-downed bed satisfied that I am the perfect mother.

Alternative and more realistic schedule:

6.00    Rudely roused by sound of argument interspersed by books being thrown.
7.00    Give up and watch TV in bed. Cbeebies obviously.
8.15    Breakfast arrives on a tray, with flowers freshly purchased from garage.
8.45    Laptop, papers and coffee. I've been promised this and I will not budge until I get it.
10.00  The Big One goes to cricket.
10.01  Princess and Wee One 'help' me make cupcakes. I will hide one in a cupboard so I get to taste them.
11.00  Coffee that will probably go cold while I arbitrate licking of icing bowl.
1.00    Luncheon. Think sustenance rather than Masterchef contender.
3.00    Snooze on sofa / have head sat on by Wee One / argue over which film to watch.
5.00    Assorted food stuffs shuffled on a plate followed by cupcakes licked clean of icing.
7.00    WW3 or what is more commonly known as bath and bed time
8.00    The Help on DVD with wine and possibly chocolate.
10.00  I retire to my uncomfortable memory foam bed content in the knowledge that I have earned my Mother's Day stripes.

I love them more than can be written in words and Mothers Day is about celebrating and thanking your mother for all the work she does in the year to make your life happy and comfortable, so it should be about spending quality time together. Equally it can be a restful day where Mothers get a rest. I will be trying to achieve the perfect balance. Quality time together while they are happy and playing nicely and feet up with a book and headphones when they start to get more fractious adopting the "someone else's problem" pose.

Seems a good balance to me!

How do you think your Mothers Day will span out?


  1. Fab post!! I too dream of a perfect Mothers Day! But mine will resemble rather closely your realistic schedule... As you said, I do love them but tomorrow is definitely a day for 'someone else's problem' ;-)

  2. I liked the way your perfect day contrasts the reality-I think this will be copied in millions of homes tomorrow! I think Mothers Day should make it illegal for mums everywhere to lift a finger all day! x

  3. Brilliant post. Happy mothers day xxxxxxxxxx

  4. I wrote a long spiel earlier to comment on this then OH turned the electric off and it didn't save - boo! I imagine my mothers day will consist of being woken far too early with selection of homemade cards and 'presents'. I might just might get breakfast in bed if OH is badgered enough by children but as he is barely speaking to me and has not mentioned MD once I somehow doubt this. The rest of the day will be much like any other Sunday - diffusing arguments between kids and keeping kids out of fathers way. I can then breathe a sigh of relief when they (including OH) are all in bed and I can do what I want to do.
    Do I sound a bit depressed by it all - probably. The kids are excited about it, I am not!
    Anyway great post - hope you have a good day x


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