Saturday 31 March 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

Mealtimes can be a bit like feeding time at the zoo, except zoo animals are less vocal and showy-offy than my animals.
Zoo animals will grab their food and retreat. My animals lark about, have a laugh, scream a bit, wander off, and then say "I don't like it".
I may trade them in for chimps, or penguins.

Look, see what I mean?

Slap a caption on it and then slap some more at Mammasaurus.

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Saturday Is Caption Day
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  1. no-one knew what to do when the giant fork appeared in the room. :)

  2. Come any closer to my plate and I'll stab ya!

  3. Mr Greedy legged it sharpish when the giant returned with his fork. Forking hell, run, Mr Greedy, ruuuuuuun!

  4. Please can we have finger foods for dinner? That fork is bigger than me!

  5. FORK OFF! Those are MY chips!

  6. Uhoh - Mummy's got the BIG fork - that means we have to eat it..


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