Thursday 8 March 2012

From Sweater To Infinity Scarf

I cried. No, actually I sobbed.
My beloved wool tunic sweater accidentally slipped into the washing machine when I wasn't looking and fell out somewhat smaller than when it had gone in.
I got it in the January sales. It is was new!

After I had pulled myself together, researched 'unfelting my shrunken sweater' on google and come up with "Oh dear", I took heart in a couple of pins I had popped onto my #pinaddicts board thinking that they would make a good project one day.

Source: via Alison on Pinterest

Suddenly I find myself with the raw material, i.e. my shrunken sweater.

I laid it out flat and attacked it with scissors to get 4 rectangles, two from the front and two from the back.

I am just going to pause for a second here to remark on how shrunken wool does not unravel or fray. Amazing! Apparently if you boil the stuff and then tumble dry it for good measure it can become very stiff and you can make allsorts from it. I wanted my shrunken sweater to remain soft, which it has, albeit a smaller soft than it was in its original form.

Taking 2 pieces, I oversewed the short edges together in a contrasting cotton, basically butted the edges together and zigzagged on the machine.

The wool tends to stretch a bit at the edges but that wouldn't particularly matter for the finished article I had in mind.

I joined all 4 pieces together along their short edges in a contiuous loop.

Taking inspiration from the felt pouch I'd pinned I started to free machine embroider a few wavy lines here and there.

Tada! One infinity scarf which I can wrap it two or three times around my neck.

At least my washing accident had a happy ending.

If you have any shrunken sweaters I really recommend this project. Really easy. Or go buy a wool sweater from a charity shop and put it on a hot wash!

The idea to pin and make came from a group of crafty ladies who collectively are known as #Pinaddicts
Pop over to Melsham Mum who is hosting the party this month for some other fabulous makes.



  1. I love this! Not the fact you ruined a jumper - but what you made from it! I have an infinity scarf on my list of to-dos, what's stopping me? Cannot source the fabric! Now I know what to do.
    Your instructions and detailing are fab.
    Thanks for linking up x x
    Love the new blog header BTW ;) x

  2. Looks lovely! Love the contrasting stitching. x

    1. My favourite bit was going freestyle :)

  3. Oh, that £80 golf jumper of my husband's that also 'slipped' into the machine would look gorgeous round my neck! Every cloud... thanks for the inspiration.

  4. oh wow! I love that you made this from a 'would-be disaster!' Awesome - totally pinning this.

    Thanks so much for linking up to our Pin Party :)

    ps.. is it stalkerish if I say you have GORGEOUS lips!!! haha!

    1. I'm loving the pin challenge. Already looking for inspiration for next month.
      PS. thanks x

  5. Lovely, at least the jumper has a new purpose now rather than ending up in a large pile of fabric for months...not that I do that of course ;)

  6. That is genius lady, and looks lovely. I had to laugh at you googling for help to unshrink it. Now you will get all the traffic for people searching after a similar disaster and you've given them the tools to turn the disaster into a masterpiece. You've saved the day!

  7. Not better, just have different talents x


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