Sunday 9 September 2012

365Project Week 36

A week of firsts and lasts.

Last day on the beach
First school shoes
Last kick about before an early bedtime
First day at school, nursery and in Key Stage 2
Last rays of sunlight streaming through the bathroom window
First pedicure
Last days of summer in a bodge-it-and-hope-it-stays-up teepee

Five Go Blogging 365project week 36

What did you do for the first time this week? And anything for the last time?

Joining in with The Boy and Me.

If you would like to see any of this weeks photos in more detail, head over to my 365project.

TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky


  1. A lovely week and great photos! We had our first family camping trip

  2. Great photos for the week, it looks like you have been busy x

  3. Oh what gorgeous photos! Looks like a good week for taking photos and those shiny shoes look lovely, I bet they won't stay shiny for long!

  4. What wonderful photos! I love the shoes! So amazing how quickly little feet grow. Sounds like you've had a milestone filled week!

  5. I really like your theme of firsts and lasts. I especially like the photos featuring the three of them in their uniforms and them sat outside together x

  6. Last day of hols for us on Monday and first day in year one (and in the new playground) for us this week. Looks like a fun week despite going back to school.

  7. Of course the kids are cute, but I love the dog picture best :)

  8. Bless them, they all look so happy. Hope school and nursery have gone well this week

  9. Love your theme - lots of firsts and lasts for us too - very similar to yours (with the exception of the pedicure!!)I do love your dog too.

  10. Great photos - love the tee pee and pedicure especially!

  11. Those photos are bloody marvellous! Every single one is amazing!

    Thanks for linking up

  12. Aw school shoes. Funny how simple things can mean so much.


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