Sunday 30 September 2012

365project Week 39 Round Up

Is it officially Autumn?
I can only suppose it is because all my photos this week seem to have taken on either an autumnal theme or an autumnal glow. You know, that perfect cold crisp sunny morning when you can't wait to don an unfashionable jumper.

Five Go Blogging 365project week 39

Woolly jumpers for scooter riding.
The crochet needle has been dusted off and dreams of cosy gloves are coming true.
Cheese on toast is the only way to go.
Wood perfectly adorned with iron and ivy.
Indoor games on a wet afternoon.
Cupcakes to accompany comforting tea.
A is for Autumn.

Joining in with The Boy and Me.

If you would like to see any of this weeks photos in more detail, head over to my 365project.

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  1. Lovely photos for this week, the cakes look delicious. Hope they tasted good, I have done alot of baking this week. :-)

  2. Those cogs are really colourful and stand out really well in a photo. Your cakes look yummy too mmmmm x

  3. I love the cakes, and the gear set looks cool too. x

  4. Great selection. Love the cheese grater. I really couldn't work out what it was for a while.

  5. Love the wide selection of pictures, the one with the grater is such a clever idea!

  6. Great collection of photos. Love the colourful cogs and the handwriting practice (that time of year!)

  7. Yes very autumnal. I'd like to cosy up with one of those cakes!

  8. Great colours! Those cakes do look particularly yummy!

  9. the cogs look fun to play with, dont see the cheese on toast

  10. Love the cogs picture and the cheese grater is awesome (only got it after one of the other comments!)

  11. Nah! It's just Instagram filters. I refuse to believe Summer is over and I am out in my FitFlops to prove it. With blue toes... ;)

  12. What a great selection, love the perfectly framed birds eye view shots. Still want that chunky jumper for The Boy!

    Thanks for linking up


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