Sunday 23 September 2012

365Project Week 38

It's been all about the instancy of my mobile this week. Quick snaps and experimenting on BeFunky and Instagram. My real camera is missing me. It is pinning in the corner. We haven't had a row, there's no kissing and making up to be done. It's just cumbersome and, well, it's a pain to carry around even though I know I take better pictures with it, much better quality, focus and resolution.

So I promise, my lovely camera, that we will go out and play this week.

Unless it rains.

The sun was with me and my mobile all this week, shining onto tired faces, casting shadows of the veins from a fallen leaf, spotlighting the swan family, highlighting lovely toys in the catalogue, glinting through the supermarket skylight onto the toy bus, streaming through sunflower petals and bouncing off my coffee cup.

Five Go Blogging 365project Week 38

Please can we have a few more days of sun before we have to face the inevitable gloom of Autumn rain?

Joining in with The Boy and Me.

If you would like to see any of this weeks photos in more detail, head over to my 365project.

TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky


  1. What a lovely selection of images, please link up with MondayMobile tomorrow :) xxx

  2. Lovely pictures, my favourite is the one in the centre but the swan shot is a close second! :)

  3. Pretty incredible pictures, even without your 'real' camera! That sunflower is so beautiful, I hope we see some more of that blue sky behind though. The city tour bus looks fun too!

  4. You have such gorgeous children!! That sunflower shot is AMAZING!!!

  5. What gorgeous photos! I know what you mean about the ease of the mobile. Love the photo of the sunflower!

  6. That leaf is aamazing and as usual you have managed to capture something totally ordinary fantastically with the coffee shot! Wish I had a 'phone you could take pics on - mine is about 5 years old and doesn't go photos!

  7. It's such a balancing act isn't it. The "good" camera presents so much but it is always so rewarding when you can get great results with the phone. Well done on some greats shots

  8. Love the sunflower shot. I think with the camera it is a pain to carry it around and you won't always have it when the opportunity presents itself. Cameras on mobiles are quite good now so that helps.

  9. Stunning pictures, i love the sunflower and duck one too!

  10. Sunflowers are my most favourite flower in the world, love this shot with the brilliant blue sky behind. And that leaf is classic!

    Thanks for linking up and sorry I missed your post (somehow) when I was commenting on the week.


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