Wednesday 5 September 2012

Back to School

New School Shoes

Today has been a day of transitions; The Big One started key stage 2 and if he thought homework was an unnecessary evil before, I can only speculate on how he will adjust to the next level; The Princess started school today, going into reception class with at least a dozen of her friends from pre-school and siblings in the playground; The Wee One had his first taste of nursery, going in, not just to collect The Princess, but to be a big boy by himself.

Not a tear was shed.

The Big One brushed us off at the school gate, independent and seemingly too big for a goodbye kiss now.
The Princess once settled at a table with some pens and paper, confidently said bye bye and didn't glance over once as I left the room.
The Wee One happily played for an hour with me, then ventrured outside with the other children. On seeing me through the door, he authoritatively told me to "Go away."

I am no longer needed.*

*except perhaps at home time, when they are hungry, when they fall and hurt themselves, when they have a bad dream, when they just need a cuddle.

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  1. Oh my goodness I remember those days of new shoes to school. I was always so proud of them, luckily mine both fit their shoes from last year still and so we have managed to put that purchase off for a little bit yet.


  2. What a big day in your house! It's a strange feeling isn't it? My last one starting Juniors this week....I tend to think they need us more than ever as they grow up, just in a different way. Enjoy having a little more 'space'.

  3. Good work making such independent confident kids. Something to be proud of

  4. I feel quite unwanted now they are bigger and becoming more independent. Grow so quickly. Too quickly x

  5. You seem to be handling it very well. I think I will fall apart when the youngest starts next year.

  6. That is a really lovely picture. Big day for you all too, well done mum x

  7. My kids were desperate to go back to school. Sometimes I think, couldn't they miss me just a little?? But 99 percent of the time I'm glad they're so keen. Rather have it that way round.
    My middle one is starting key stage 2, and I'm also wondering how he's going to deal with things gearing up! x

  8. How brilliant that they have coped with the changes so well. That's pretty impressive. I do get the 'not being needed thing' though! That's not so much fun.

  9. You will always be needed. You must be very proud of them all :) Love that picture too, how cute!

  10. My youngest starts reception this year and oldest went into KS2 too. Think youngest was more excited about her new shoes than she was about school! Mine went off much like yours and although I was a little sad I didn't shed a tear either (I'll save that for the nativity play!)I love the focus you have on the shoes - fab!


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