Monday, 24 September 2012

Silver Quill Award

*opens trophy cupboard*
*clears a space*
*Places Silver Quill Award center front*
*beams with pride*

Thank you very much BlueBirdSunShine (who has a fabulous blog which you should visit) (and a fabulous blog name) who has bestowed upon me this rather splendid award.

In time honoured fashion I have a little speech prepared, cunningly disguised as the answers to the qualifying questions thus:

1. Do you prefer rhyming or non rhyming poetry?
I love the ping of my inbox.
It means that my readers care.
A lovely comment on my blog.
a comment compelled to share.

2. Favourite Shakespeare play?
"To be or not to be" he said,
but beyond that I forget.
Shakespeare's not my bag baby.
Should have read more I regret.

3. Favourite author?
Matilda, Charlie and James or
Tales of the Unexpected.
Can't get enough of Dahl's BFG.
Was Mrs Twit a detective?

4. What is your favourite music album?
The music round on any quiz
leaves me staring blankly.
But put Take That on a loop,
best clear the dance floor frankly.

5. Which colour do you most dislike?
Beige, greige, taupe or nude
leave me feeling meh.
Fading in doesn't cut it baby.
Be as bold as you dare.

6. Name a poem or song which makes you feel emotional.
It's wrong to get emotional
over a Snail and a Whale.
But Julia Donaldson
sure can tell a tale.

One is now obliged to nominate a bloggle of bloggers who are also worthy recipients of this award.
I nominate:


Have fun with it x


  1. Yay!! Totally well-deserved. I'll see you on the dance floor ;)

  2. Haha! Love the Snail and the Whale - may dig it out for tomight's bedtime story!

  3. Thank you for accepting...and you have outdone yourself with the answers, clever lady!

  4. Thank you. I humbly take a bow - I like this one - these are questions that I haven't answered before. I have a feeling meme season is upon us - it has been quiet over the Summer. XXX

  5. What a beautiful way to write your answers.

    What do you think of the award? I'd love to know because I am the blogger who created it!


Oooh, I do like a good comment :-)