Friday 7 September 2012

Capture the Norfolk Colour

We spent the last week of the school holidays in Norfolk, land of big skies, Cromer crabs and some of the countries loveliest beaches. In the same week I was tagged by BavarianSojourn to join in with 'Capture the Colour', with the colours being red, green, white, yellow and blue. This was originally a competition held by which is now closed (!) but you can still go and see the stunning travel photography of the winners.

I love that little bundle of red huddled up against the unseasonal chilly wind.

Red on sheringham beach

Why the variations in colour and texture of seaweed surprise me I do not know but this lime green variety caught my eye on Cromer beach.

Lime green seaweed

After a hard days crabbing there is nothing like a glass of chilled white sauvignon blanc to help you unwind.

white wine

I am astonished at how many months of child benefit I would have to save to be able to afford a beach hut so in the meantime I will aspire to a bright yellow one, just like this.

beach huts

And given Norfolk is the land of big skies I had to include one of the sky. I was very lucky to see a big blue sky, and how fortunate that The Wee One was wearing blue on that day too.

blue t-shirt on beach

I'm certain that you have got some colourful shots from the summer holidays, so why not join in and stretch out your summer holidays with photo memories.


  1. Beautiful x x you know how much I love Norfolk x

  2. Gorgeous pics! Thanks so much for joining in! :)

  3. Gorgeous pics! Thanks so much for joining in! :)

  4. Lovely pictures, we've just come back from Cromer, lovely place, great beaches and just so relaxing.

  5. I think I'd need a couple of extra lifetimes (or several more kids) to be able to afford a beach hut paid for out of child benefit at my favourite Norfolk beach, Wells-next-the-Sea. Still, we can but dream... Great pics!

  6. Love your colour pics - I had to join in too even though seeing the standard of entries I knew I hadn't a hope in hell but it's such a fab idea. Have you seen the pinterest boards of the entries - there are so many amazing photos?!


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