Monday 17 September 2012

Piles of Pennies For Piggy Bank Kids

About 6 weeks ago DorkyMum launched her brilliant pennies for babies initiative for Piggy Bank Kids, and we decided to join in by first making our money box and then saving loose change.

Our Pennies For Babies Money Box

Loose change. Funny expression that, now you come to think about it. By definition change that is loose would be change that is unrestrained, not held in, free to roam. Thing is, I'm pretty careful with the pennies and I round them up and keep them safe and tidy in a purse. I suppose having a purse in which to keep the pennies is a bonus. The Mr on the other hand, is traditional and does not have a purse, a man-purse or any other kind of purse. He has pockets and that is where his change is kept in check. Again, not really roaming loose.

Pennies left abandoned on the top of the washing machine however, rescued from certain drowning in deep pockets, are fair game. As are coins spotted lurking down the back of sofas, where they have made a bid for freedom from the same said pockets. Then there are the ones spilled from strangers pockets or purses, teasing us from the pavement.

The content of our piggybank is mostly from a weekly clear out of my purse where I have been lazy and couldn't be bothered to count out the right money at the till and handed over whole pound coins or notes instead. Does anyone else still do that? Count out the right money? Do I look tight by doing that? I suspect I do. I also suspect that I annoy the sales assistant who then has to count my pennies before putting them in the till. But then the sales assistants who give me my change on top of the receipt annoy me, so that makes us even.

We also cleared out small change from the children's money boxes. Their idea. I can't tell you how chuffed I was that they wanted to do that.

Here is the pile of pennies. Not mountainous I grant you but a large enough pile to have caused a small calamity if they had been allowed to roam free and be true to the term loose.

Piles of Pennies for Piggy Bank Kids

Oh, and we found a sixpence in the stash. Absolutely no idea how that got in there. Time travelled possibly.

And the grand total is ..... *insert sound of drum roll here*

£9.95 (and a sixpence)

I am a smidge embarrassed that it is not more but every penny counts doesn't it.

If you have a small stash of loose change that has escaped your purse or pocket and is looking for a home, please consider donating it to Piggy bank Kids where it will be put to very good use. There is a simple donate page on their website.

You can also make a text donation to PiggyBankKids by texting 70070 with the message PIGY10 followed by the amount you want to donate eg  PIGY10£5, or PIGY10£10 etc.


  1. Excellent! Thanks so much for joining in. Don't be embarrassed at all - every single penny really does count - and PBK have had some great exposure from all these blog posts too.

    What are you going to do with the sixpence?!

  2. Wicked stuff! That's so cool - thank you so much :D


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