Friday 28 September 2012

Keep Calm It's Only Christmas

keep calm it's only Christmas

How many days to Christmas? There is probably an app I could download to tell me the answer to that question. It must be less than 100 because Christmas cards are in the shops already and I spotted mince pies in the supermarket (can you freeze mince pies?).

I could start to get myself organised and think about those must-have presents the kids are going to want, the 'that is so them' presents I spot whilst window shopping, make a Christmas cake and start feeding it a bottle of whiskey, start crocheting tea cosies for my tea drinking friends, knock out a few personalised hand crafted and printed Christmas cards, take some photos of the children to make into calendars for relatives, scavenge hunt for stocking fillers, actually make some new Christmas stockings, start buying store cupboard treats to stash away (and then eat over the weekend), repaint the dining table in time for a pre-Christmas dinner party, lose 2 stone so I could feel glamorous in my Christmas apron and party hat on Christmas morning, crochet some Christmas tree angels to sell at the school Christmas fair, but I'm pretty sure that I should have started in June and it is all too late.

So I'll continue to to watch the days pass by, the afternoons get darker and the nights colder, I'll admire the store decorations going up, and be impressed by the wrapping paper designs. I'll praise everyone who is planning their Christmas menu already and has picked their bird. I'll carry on pinning decorating and baking ideas for Christmas day and then panic on Christmas Eve.

It would be stupid to break with tradition.

Are you planning already? Have you already started your Christmas shopping? Go on. Make me feel even more inadequate.


  1. The thought of Christmas sends a few, well many, shivers down my spine. I'll probably end up doing what I do every year - leave it until the last minute!X

  2. Another one here in the club where you think about what you could do to prepare, you worry about leaving it until the last minute, and then you do precisely nothing until at least December. We should get a 'slack xmas club' badge made for our blogs ;)

  3. I like to be a little organised but I refuse to do anything until at least November and even then I'm still in panic mode on christmas eve no matter what. I do always think it would be good to have the presents wrapped for more than 24 hours before the wrapping gets shredded. x

  4. I'm just not going to be forced into planning Christmas until 1 December.

    I am being pushed to commit to Christmas Day this and that, and what do I want for Christmas? I don't know what I want for dinner tonight!

    So don't anyone start to make me feel inadequate either :-)

  5. I spotted mince pies in the supermarket when I was on my SUMMER holiday! I tend to shop for pressies online and then do a last minute blind-panic shop for awkward relatives, you know, the ones who are teetotal, on a diet and have no interests. I buy my xmas cards in the January sales so that is one thing I don't need to do *smug face* however I won't write them until it's too late to post them second class therefore costing me a fortune.

  6. I'm in the 'slack xmas club'! I aspire to the Country Living ideal but it'll never happen ( more like the Lidl reality!)


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