Sunday 7 October 2012

365Project Week 40

Week 40!
That makes my photography project officially middle aged.
Starting to show signs of wear and tear. A little creaky first thing in the morning and difficult to switch off in the evening. But definitely aging gracefully.

This week my project can be summed up in a linear fashion.

Five Go Blogging 365project week 40  

The cool graphics on the cafe window.
Long strips of iron, passionately woven into a striking gate, throwing shadows on the path.
The clever barista weaving trails of coffee though the foam.
The sharp knife cutting the veins into my pastry leaves.
Lessons in geometry to build a Lego pyramid.
How to get two swings to reach the top of their arc simultaneously, move to create the right angle where both are in shot, get two children to smile AND press the shutter at just the right moment.
And my good old fashioned king of rulers.

Time is a linear path and I am on the cusp of week 41 of 52. Follow my daily snapshots here.

Joining in with The Boy and Me.

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  1. Love the swing pic and a great tip for taking it.

  2. Another set of interesting photos. The swing shot is really clever and I will try that technique as I have so many face on shots, usually missing a head or of their feet!

  3. That gate is really clever and I love the lego too. As for the 365 Project - well it's sounds just like me!!

  4. Love the ruler, love the Lego and adore the gate's shadows!

    Thanks for linking up

  5. I think the pastry pic is my favourite, proper comfort food in this cold weather!

  6. i love your pie photo ( i made a pie aswell this week) and your lego construction.but my fav is the one of your two happy children swinging :) x

  7. Love the picture of them on the swings!

  8. I so love all of these, and appreciate the work that went into the swing shot. That elicits pure envy :D

  9. Lovely photos, especially the swing shot its beautiful

  10. Love the swing shot, not sure why I've never tried from the side before, certainly reduces the chance of having your camera kicked out of your hand (again) x

  11. love the gate shot, and as for the swing shot people just think photos happen, do they heck they are hard work.


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