Saturday 13 October 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

In the week when I start an exercise program and a diet, I buy the kids cakes.
I am mad.
It was pure torture. Right up to the bit when all the icing had been licked off and the cake was deemed to be yuk and left abandoned on the plate. Right there in front of me. I swear it was winking at me.
He was right though. The cake was a bit yuk.

Ice cream cupcake

Got a caption for this photo? Then please relieve yourself of it in my comments box.

You may now proceed in an orderly manner in the direction of Mammasaurus.


  1. Look mummy, it's really yummy. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Actually, it's horrible.

  2. On the inside i am quiet and calm but on the outside I scream!

  3. So, do I eat it to be polite or just tell her it's awful. Dilemma x

  4. This is not ice cream so here you can have it!

  5. When I see this post, I think the best caption for this is "Your such an impersonator but both delicious".

  6. Muuuuum..... it wont fit up my nose!!

  7. The big cake came in very handy for concealing the big smirks behind as mum worked out in front of the tv with cans of baked beans ;)


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