Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Shreddies

No this is not a shameless plug for a well known brand of cereal (other cereal brands are available).
This is where I get on the scales and dust off the tape measure to see how my 30 Day Shred programme is working out.

For anyone who hasn't heard of it, the programme was devised by Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Loser fame, where you workout for 20 minutes a day for 30 days to lose up to 20lbs (combined with a healthy diet *cough*).

I started my *dons a cheesy American accent* journey 7 days ago. I missed one day due to dancing like a loon to a local band (but seeing as it counts as exercise I'm bagging those calories burned) but otherwise I've stuck to it. And now there is a lovely support group on twitter comprising of:


I HAVE to stick with it or else feel the shame of my shreddie buddies!

So here are the results from my first week!

weightloss chart

Note the absence of labels on the left hand scales. No this is not cheating. I just have no desire to tell the world the how heavy I am or how rotund! For my weight I have lost 1.5kg this week. When the line hits the bottom of that scale then I have hit my target and I have given myself to Christmas to do it. Yes, this is more than 30 days but I can still keep up the good work.

I have measured myself almost all over and so far I haven't found where those 1.5kg have come off. No change in my rotundness that I can fathom!

I bet you can't wait for my next instalment now. I know, 6 days to wait!

In the meantime GO SHREDDIES!


  1. Good idea! Add to my weds. Flab fighter post :-)

  2. Well done, you are so inspiring! I am so glad I found your postlast week, this is ace! I am loving it, only day 4 and I feel like a new woman :)

  3. Good for you - I am so lazy - can I vicariously live though your weight loss? X.

  4. I'm with you! I'm back on Weightwatchers - going slower than I hoped, but I have lost 9lb so far in 8 weeks. I too want to be at my goal by Christmas. Let's do it!!!!

  5. Good luck with the 30 Day Shred, I look forward to seeing how you get on.

  6. Baha you beat me to it! I was going to do a shreddies post. Great to see results already. I think the 20 lbs target is a bit far fetched!
    BTW you've spelt my twitter name wrong ;)

  7. Thanks for the mention and it is definitely helping me to stay on task with the 'Shreddie' support as it reminds me that I really have to do it when I really feel like not doing it!

  8. I swear by the Shred. I really need to get back to doing it again though its been a while.


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