Monday 15 October 2012


Too fast, a blur
Too slow, a wobble
Too cool
Too funny
Too. Much. Fun.

This is what we got up to yesterday afternoon on Lion's Bridge in Burghley Park.
We were laughing so loud, that Mrs Miranda Rock, owner of Burghley House, and family popped out to see what we were up to. (She did pop out. And nipped across the bridge. But I doubt our shrieks of laughter reached the East wing).

Five Go Scooting


  1. ha ha ... that was brilliant - loved the way you ordered the photos - really tells a story!

  2. when I get your posts by email, I often end up with a smile or a proper laugh (see the 30 day shred post), but this made me feel all warm inside. Lovely lovely lovely!
    What a cute family you guys are

  3. Ooooh look at you on your scooter! Go girl!


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