Thursday 11 October 2012

The Dos and Don'ts of the 30 Day Shred

scales and tape measure

Much like Stressy Mummy, I have joined the bandwagon, the one where you insert a DVD and then vomit, also known as 30 Day Shred.

This, after precisely one day of shredding, is what I have learned.

  • DO NOT attempt to undertake any form of exercise with a child at home. They will either laugh at you, insist on being picked up, or scream demanding Thomas on the telly. Any of these situations is somewhat off putting.
  • DO get prepared with hand weights before hitting the play button. Running into the kitchen and pulling cans onto your head looking for two equally sized tins of soup during the workout does not help to maintain momentum.
  • DO NOT attempt to empty the dishwasher immediately after your workout and place crockery into top cupboards. Weak arm wobble and a stack of plates above your head to not make best bedfellows.
  • DO ensure you are positioned an arms length away from hanging lampshades before attempting windmill arm exercises. Delicate, fragile light fittings may not withstand violent swatting by uncoordinated limbs.
  • DO NOT wear your everyday bra if more than an A cup whilst skipping/butt kicking/star jumping. You do not need to provide further ammunition for the children laughing at you from the sofa, or two black eyes.
  • DO leave at least one hour between eating and exercising. *boak*
  • DO NOT do this at night with the lights on and the curtains open. You are not a floor show.
  • DO use hand weights for the floor strength exercises, rather than a toddler. They are less likely to wriggle.
  • DO NOT take a before and after photo after one day of exercise. You will not have developed a six pack in 20 minutes. #impatient
  • DO stick with it and do it again tomorrow because it will make you feel better, fitter, and more deserving of a reward biscuit. What?
I have measured and weighed myself (no witnesses so you will have to take my word for it) and will chart my progress every 7 days.


  1. Haha, this made me crack up! Its so true though though, lol. Good luck, I look forward to seeing how you get on x

  2. Oh bless you! Fitness is a pig isn't it!

  3. Looking forward to this! I'm on Day 26 and although i feel fitter and more toned, have lost no weight and not a lot of inches! I didn't really want to lose weight just get fit, but somehow still feel a teensy bit cheated! I haven't done it every day, maybe this is where I'm going wrong? I have also been told that there is a way, that ain't gonna happen!

  4. Oh no, wish I hadn't read Suzanne's comment above now ;) I'm on Day two as well (my third attempt at shredding now) and the thighs are like jelly. I should add to your list: 'Do no attempt to carry your child down a flight of stairs directing after completing the workout.' I had to come down on my bum after thinking my legs were going to give way. Will be keeping an eye on your progress! Good luck!

  5. I'm very impressed you've started it. And yes I had similar problems with windmills and light shades! Edith loves to watch me do it and joins in, she has yet to laugh at me panting like a dog. Keep going, it does get easier :D

  6. LOL brilliant! Add to that 'don't try and walk upstairs for at least three days after day one as it bloodey hurts!' Very wise advice and yes my two year old was not very helpful when I did it with her!

  7. Still laughing at the comment 'You are not a floor show'. Wise words indeed.

  8. heh heh I was thinking of shredding but I'm thinking a jog a day sounds slightly nicer!

    I have boobie swinging windmill mental images now!

  9. This made me giggle so much. I've done most of those 'dont's'! I will have to dig my dvd out again, I haven't shredded in ages.


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