Saturday 6 October 2012

Autumn, antlers and inspiration

A perfect autumn morning calls for a (slightly downsized) family walk. Obviously by 'downsized' I do not mean that I have cut off family members limbs. Rather the walk was without a couple of family members, who instead were at school a) re-building lego pyramids and b) earning their first class 'Star of the Week' having only been at school for 4 weeks (very proud mother).

At this point I should confess I had plans of sending the Mr, The Wee One and Misty Moo out by themselves so I could catch up on some blogging. However The Wee One was determined that I should not miss out on this glorious weather and I should get some exercise and push his pram up as many hills as we could find. I will thank him one day when my bum can fit into the mirror widthways.

Autumn is by far my favourite season. The colours, the smell of bonfires, conkers, snuggly jumpers and cosy socks, cold sunshine and sunglasses, drawing faces on dew covered car windows, collecting leaves, an extra fluffy layer of warmth, watching a leaf fall, and hot, hot drinks.

boston ivy

tree autumn leaves


tea and crochet

Today's walk had most of these things, with the addition of the 'if we won the lottery which house would you buy' game whilst walking firstly behind the biggest poshest houses in Stamford along a service road (sounds very sad but is actually a nice quiet road) and then in front of them. It is always important to get the full panoramic view of a property before imagining knocking on their door and asking how much for a quick sale. You could be totally taken by the house's front elevation only to discover an extension  at the back designed by an architect whose last erection was in the 1970's, and built by a distant relative whose building experience is limited to Jenga. In case you are wondering number 72 is our favourite and we'll be popping round Monday morning with our winnings.

After our fix of property porn it seemed only right to have a coffee in town and build further fantasies around cultivating a career in interior design for bars and restaurants. The venue of choice today was The Cosy Club which is known for it's quirky eclectic design and wild use of antlers, deer heads and dodgy lampshades, all in a good way you understand.

babyccino at the cosy club

Stool cushions at the Cosy Club

Babyccino fuelled Playing

Amazing how fresh air, caffeine and soaking up a creative environment can spark an idea. But it did. The free wifi helped too. I am inspired. I feel a surge of motivation. I must now tether it to make sure it doesn't escape and harness it's potential.


  1. I love the Autumn too! I love that first picture - the blue of the shed an leaves really offset each other!

  2. Love the idea of popping round and just asking to buy. Sadly no email this morning so I won't be doing that.

  3. lovely pics. autumn is so pretty when its not raining!!

  4. I love autumn(and winter) walks on those cold crisp but sunny days. Been out on more walks in the last couple of weeks with the kids than we did in the summer!

    I didn't know you were in Stamford (lovely area) - used to have friends there many years ago - even spent New Years Eve there a couple of times - is the Hole in the Wall pub still there?


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