Tuesday 30 October 2012

I'd Rather - 365project Week 43

I'd rather be out with my camera than stuck at home cleaning and cooking.

Five Go Blogging 365project Week 43

I'd rather peek at you than sing with you.
I'd rather it was sunny than misty.
I'd rather swing than slide.
I'd rather reuse fabric scraps than throw them away.
I'd rather see a beach full of stones than a couple on my windowsill.
I'd rather create art with buttons than sew them on a shirt.
I'd rather play with the mist spray than do the shopping.

What would you rather?

I missed joining in with The Boy and Me this week but please pop over to see the other 365project bloggers and their photos.

You can also see my photos in all their glory on the 365project site.
TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky


  1. I would rather I too photos like you ;o).

  2. Anything but the cleaning! Gorgeous photos as usual - love the misty one.


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