Sunday 10 June 2012

365project Week 23

With all the celebrations that have been going on this week it was inevitable that there would still be the dregs of red white and blue to contend with. Problem was, every where I went, every angle, every scene, there was a union jack in it.

Well I suppose it isn't every day you have a Diamond Jubilee to celebrate.

My theme this week is In/Outdoors.

The street/living room party.
The indoor funfair at the garden center.
The bunting outside photographed from inside.
The bug watching me from inside the shape sorter.
The chive flowers before they are picked for the kitchen. Thank you Wee One.
The rocket flying to through rain to a dry sunny moon (apparently).
The release of being out and about after rainy days in.

Hope you got out and about this week.

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  1. Lovely shots! Love the one of the kids on the scooter!

  2. lovely collection of shots

  3. Well it's an event 60 years in the making so you might as well fly the flag! Lovely collection of shots

  4. Lovely photos! Especially like the one of everyone 'scooting'.

  5. love the rocket, been a distinct lack of bunting here

  6. Lovely collection of pics. Love the one with the boy looking transfixed on something, so cute!

  7. Great angles on these shots, especially the close-up of the cheek, and getting down to their level with the scooters. Love your weekly round up post.

    Thanks for linking up.

  8. great shots. Like the first one best I think..

  9. Lovely pictures! I love the face painting one, what an great angle!


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