Saturday 9 June 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

The Mr has been working away for a week and I thought I would have the pleasure of sole control of the remote. You know, catch up on a few soaps, a chick flick or 2, Revenge ( my new guilty secret that is totally addictive). I'm not saying that I never get to watch what I want but we do have very different viewing tastes. At the top of his favourites list would be comedy and documentaries. On mine is reality TV (with Big Brother a notable exception) and hospital or crime drama.

So, I rubbed my hands together/waved a sad farewell and made a dash for the sofa.

But this is what I found.

Dog with remote conrtrol

He has her well trained.

Can you think of a caption?

Now head over to Mammasaurus, Queen of captions for more.


  1. I don't care what anyone says, i'm in control of the remote.

  2. Well I'll be dog gone it's a remote using dog.

    (Again I'm visiting after Jenny it's no good:( )

  3. If you think I am watching old re-runs of Animal Hospital you got another thing coming *woof*

  4. Jezza Kyle Mum, we'll watch it together yeah?

  5. See Eastenders is a Happy soap ...

  6. It's clear - I rule this house!

  7. Listen love, until you get the proper dog food out, you can forget about watching this again.

  8. Today in my day to choose so it's Animal Planet marathon, guys!


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