Monday 25 June 2012

365Project Week 25

Contrary to the very end of the week when I was 1 amongst 500 bloggers at BritMums Live, this weeks collection of photos I think is quite reflective. I have had quiet moments to just sit, and watch as the world flew by. I like watching. Which I suppose is why I like photography so much. But I like people too, which is why I found myself sat in a room amongst 500 strangers.

Five Go Blogging 365Project week 25

The beach, the sea and the boys chasing waves. Happy to watch than get cold toes.
Magazines and a spritzer. Me time.
Just me and the Wee one and the car, when he refused to go in the pram.
A bench in a beautiful setting, ideal for a picnic lunch.
A cafe and a sign that got the brain juices flowing.
Standing on my own, on the way to the conference, wondering what I was doing and I see not one, but two Panic signs. Good omen.
Taking five outside the conference I papped my orange foot cladded blogger buddy.

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  1. A Lovely set of images xxx

  2. Am loving the reflection one.
    Great pictures.

  3. Not strangers! Just friends you didn't know you had!

  4. Love these photos, there is such variety and they are all so clear. The panic signs are fab, and is that Danielle's foot? The spritzer is fantastic!

    Thanks for linking up!


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