Saturday 30 June 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

Why is it that one day they will jump head first into a waist deep puddle and take great delight in rubbing the slimy mud into every nook and cranny about their person but then the next day they start fussing over some sock fluff caught in their toes like it is alien gloop sent to poison them from the toes up?

Go figure!

Guess what kind of day it was in this picture.

child says yuck

Can you think of a caption?

Pop it into my captions box (ooh err mrs) and then head over to Mummy Mishaps for more captions antics who is standing in for Mammasaurus whilst she suns herself on her holidays x



  1. Maybe I'll give I'm a Celebrity a miss

  2. But mum toe jam smells like cheese!

  3. Ewwww, Mum, couldn't we have just gone to Starbucks.

  4. Eeeuuuugghhhhh Mummy there's something icky yucky sticky here! Help!

  5. I've decided I don't want a bug for a pet anymore.

  6. I climbed all the way up here and all I got was one lousy jelly bean???

  7. I've touched THAT with my fingers.


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