Tuesday 26 June 2012

So glad and very

white stuff gift tag ee cummings

I got a dress.
I ripped the tag off in my haste to wear it.
I found the abandoned tag today on my dresser.
It had a promise about it.
A brown sealed envelope.
A colourful cord.
A mayfly charm.
I teased the envelope open not wanting to tear the paper.
Inside, a pure white doily edged paper.
A gift.

The gift of poetry and a friendship bracelet with love from White Stuff.

i am so glad and very
merely my fourth will cure
the laziest self of weary
the hugest sea of shore

so far your nearness reaches
a lucky fifth of you
turns people into eachs
and cowards into grow
our can’ts were born to happen
our mosts have died in more
our twentieth will open
wide a wide open door
we are so both and oneful
night cannot be so sky
sky cannot be so sunful
i am through you so i

e.e cummings

Thank you once again White Stuff for the beautiful limited edition dress I had the privilege to wear at the BiBs on Friday evening x

Disclosure: I asked and they said Yes. I was given a dress by White Stuff to wear to BritMums Live.


  1. WOW! I will definately have to check their website now!

  2. Oh wow that's just lovely! So sorry I didn't get to say hello on Saturday - next time for sure!

  3. Your dress looked lovely, and I love the White Stuff labels, buttons, catelogues, shops, poems .... and their clothes too!!!


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