Thursday 14 June 2012

Conference - 100 word challenge

I am a "100 word challenge" virgin. Be gentle with me.

I bought the ticket months ago. I decided on my outfit weeks ago. I wrote my to-do list and ticked everything off days ago. And finally I stand outside, anticipation cursing through me, palms more than slightly sweaty. 
I put on my brave face, the confident one that says ‘I belong here’ and move to push through the doors.
But they push back against me, charged with energy that overflows the building. The noise that assaults my ears confirms there's a real buzz about this place that cannot be contained by walls or a bloggers' words.
So BritMums Live commences.

I'm linking up with JB47's 100 word Challenge prompted by the phrase "there's a real buzz about this place".


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  2. Fab. And totally sums up how I'm going to be feeling too!

  3. I had removd the comment as it was duplicate!

  4. I can feel your excitement and your nerves really clearly. Great description.

  5. Oh how clever! Having been there last year you have captured exactly what it will be like. Have a great time!


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