Tuesday, 5 June 2012

More Shabby Than Chic Bunting

I love the Pinaddicts challenge. It mashes up my love of crafting, with my secret addiction to pinterest, and blogging. What more could this girl want?

So this month, still clinging onto the sewing machine, and with the Jubilee in mind, I had a bash at bunting. Not the trickiest of projects I grant you but that was intentional. I seem to have a shortage of me-time at the moment so this needed to be crammed into an evening.

Here is my inspiration available from Pottymoos.com.

shabby chic union jack pendant

I had an old shirt from the Mr, a patchwork top I picked up for £1, some gingham ribbon for £2 and plain white tape for 60p from the market and I found a template from TheBigLunch.com. What I didn't have was any instructions. Could I be bothered to look? Nope. So I kind of bodged it like so.

More shabby than chic Bunting

Borrow a pair of pinking shears (Ouch! Pricey! So now on my Christmas list) and cut out 8 triangles of the patchwork fabric, and 8 of the shirt fabric for the backing. I figured the pinked edges would only add character to the bunting (and I could not be bothered to sew them and then turn them).

Then I measured and cut the gingham ribbon to form a Union Jack inspired cross.
I took the front piece of the bunting and zigzagged the ribbon down the length of the pendant pinking the ends.
Then I zigzagged the ribbon across, left to right.
Then top left to bottom right and finally top right to bottom left to make up the full cross.

Then I pinned the wrong sides of the front and back pieces of the pendant together and zigzagged all around.

It was at this point I realised I should have just cut the pendant pieces using straight scissors and only pinked the edges after each pendant was sewn toegther. That way I wouldn't have bits of ribbon hanging over the edges and have to try to cut them in a zigzag shape with regular scissors having given the pinking shears back and it being 10 o'clock at night. Doh.

Finally I positioned the pendants along the length  of tape ensuring that the gap between each one was the same and zigzagged each pendant onto the tape.

And there you have it. My more-shabby-than-chic Bunting.

Now for more craftiness inspired by pinterest, go to Simply Outnumbered who is hosting this months Pinaddicts extravaganza.



  1. Brilliant!! I have some I started for the first challenge and still haven't finished due to lack on pinking shears - roll on Christmas and birthday time! Thanks for linking up! x

  2. What is it with pinking shears? I'm putting them on my birthday list! I love this way and I can't wait to make some bunting like this - when I get myself some shears - as the whole turning inside out and getting a point is a real pain! Love your bunting missus x

  3. I love it! I may be tempted to have a go myself! What are pinking shears? I'm a bit thick when it comes to sewing!

  4. Wow! They came out so beautifully! So glad you love the Challenge too :) xx

  5. They are beautiful, I love them!

  6. Love it! Well done. Looks fab. x

  7. oh i love a bit of bunting. can never have too much and should be kept up all year round. looks fab!

  8. Oh now look - you are a proper craft blogger! And - you have all you need to go camping! I shall expect to see you with your tent and your bunting in a Norfolk campsite very soon ;)

  9. I love bunting! Yours looks great and I really like the pinked edges :-)


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