Wednesday, 13 June 2012

BritMums Live Check List

I am going to BritMums Live, as are lots of other bloggers. This is the first blogging event I have attended and am feeling the pressure to be organised, efficient and productive to make the most of this brilliant opportunity.
In preparation I have written myself a check list of things to do. I keep thinking of more things to add to it but as it stands today I thought it would be helpful to other bloggers who are attending.

*insert tongue in cheek*

So here is my/your BritMums Live check list.

  1. Write blog post about BritMums Live preparation. (Always got to write something on a to-do list you can tick off immediately).
  2. Decide what to wear and blog about retail therapy highs. *basks in self congratulation*
  3. Book train tickets.
  4. Book hotel.
  5. Hair cut and colour. Or buy a hat. Would it look odd to wear a hat at a conference? Possibly not at a Hat Conference. Research Hat Conferences.
  6. Nails. Grow some and then adorn with varnish.
  7. Tan. From a bottle, sadly. Damn British weather.
  8. Lose 7lbs. Through diet. Or amputation.
  9. Choose which workshops to attend between cake binges where 7lbs will be put back on, not through limb reattachment. Or clone self
  10. List of 'Must meet' bloggers. The shortlist is very long. I'm thinking speed-dating for bloggers.
  11. Charge camera battery. Remind myself of this 12 hours prior to departure. 
  12. Remember to remove battery from charger and insert into camera.
  13. Clear memory card. Yeah right. Buy new memory card.
  14. Purchase new notebook and pen. Any excuse to feed my stationery habit.
  15. Business cards. *checks date* Plan B: scribble my blog name onto each sheet of a jotters notebook, tear off and distribute as needed. Although I do have a business card case.
  16. Kick nerves into touch. (i.e. purchase 4 pack of Gin in a Tin for the train).
  17. Buy a ticket for BritMums Live. Now wouldn't that have been a joke if I'd forgotten to do that! Hah!
  18. Check location of venue and hotel and routes from station, via hotel to venue.
  19. Pack.
  20. Arrange to meet a friend to go in with. Open to offers ;-)
So far I can tick off 1, 2, 9, 10, 14 and 17 fortunately.

How are your preparations going?


  1. Oh Goodness, Didn't realise I need to make a list - but looking at yours - I really do. Hope to bump into you at some point. X

  2. Seriously, some of us are meeting at a coffee shop somewhere near the venue before hand - will let you know the details if you fancy?

  3. Great list! I'm taking mental note!See you there! .... I'm loving the build up!

  4. Don't be daft you know loads of people! But you can yell out for me and I'll come in with you! I will be spending my monthly income on hair and nails - aren't we a vain lot?! Whatever you do don't take that notebook - you'll come home with 25 sheets of A4 covered in advice that will sit on your desk making you feel guilty for the next 12 months!

  5. I'd love to meet you. If you want a buddy then I'm happy to oblige. I'm getting nervous about it now!

  6. trying to get my video meet n greet to upload to flipping youtube!! love your list, im such a listmaker myself! Cant WAIT to meet you xx

  7. LOVE the speed dating idea! That would be brilliant!


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