Monday 4 June 2012


We were all set.
And then it rained on our parade.
But it wouldn't be Britain or a Bank Holiday without a little rain.
Note the word 'little', clouds!

So we grilled indoors. We stuffed our faces on cupcakes and chocolate fondue, after a face full of burgers, sausages and chicken. We drank Prosecco and when that ran out, Rose. Hard times!


Then, we had a discussion about when the Coronation actually was. The 2nd? The 3rd?
My birthday is the 2nd of June and I KNEW it was the 2nd. So we googled it. And sure enough it was the 2nd of June 1953. But, hang on a minute. Now my maths is pretty darn good but even I questioned my numeracy skills when I tried to work out how many years there are between 1953 and 2012. I'm pretty sure, even after checking on the calculator and counting on all the fingers and toes of those sat around the table combined, that the answer is 59.
But we are celebrating a Diamond Jubilee, which is for 60 years.
So... err..

Right, so George VIth died on February 6th 1952. The Queen's accession to the throne was announced on 8th February 1952, and the Coronation was on the 2nd June 1953.
So shouldn't we have celebrated the Diamond Jubilee about 4 months ago or in another year?

Oh wait. I know. We waited till the 2nd of June to have better weather for street parties. *shakes umbrella* and this year because someone miss-counted back in 1977 for the Silver Jubilee.

Whatever. I have a headache I blame on the wine and bunting I can save for next year ;-)

Hope you celebrated in style whatever the weather x


  1. thats intresting about the dates, I must say i don't know much about the royal family but do love a celebration ;) x

  2. We were only discussing that same thing at work last week. We gave up as were totally confused by it.

  3. I have to say I thought my Mum and Dad got married the same year, so 10 years ago I bought them a golden cavalier spaniel puppy for their golden wedding anniversary. I was a year early!
    Great pics - feels like I was there :)

  4. Ha ha, so true! I only discovered today that it should have been in February, think The Queen was hoping for 2 celebrations! I love your collage of photos, how do you do that?? Looks like you had a great time, even in the rain :)

  5. Simple pleasures and nowt wrong with that at all. Enjoy

  6. Can't say I had given it much thought tbh but I live your photos!

  7. Maybe you should mention it to Liz, perhaps they got it wrong?!

  8. So can we do it all again next June?


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